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PARK HOURS are from dawn to dusk all year. Swimming hours are from 6 a.m. to sunset from Memorial Day through the first weekend in October.

NOISE - Our parks are closely surrounded by residential areas. Our residents and guests value the natural beauty and quiet of our neighborhoods. Please be considerate of other guests and residents by keeping the volume of music and other noise at a low level.

SWIMMING is allowed at your own risk in the roped area.  Anyone over the age of 18 can complerte a Swimming Waiver .  Once you have filed your waiver at City Hall you may swim outside the roped area, but within the berm. There is NO SWIMMING ALLOWED outside the berm.  

WATER QUALITY is tested weekly, and results posted at the beach. If the bacteria count is higher than 225, it is considered unsafe.

Many trash cans around the lake also have pet refuse bag dispensers.

PETS - Keep pets on leashes at all times. Pets are not allowed in the lake. Please clean up after your pet to keep the parks safe and healthy for other users. Bags for cleanup are positioned at various places around the lake, but each pet owner should be prepared with bags for cleanup when they are not near a cleanup station. (The police enforce these rules all over the city, not just in the parks.)

WILDLIFE - Do not touch or disturb any wildlife within the park. Do not feed the geese and ducks! Bread is not healthy for them; they have plenty of grass available.

BOATING - Non-motorized boating is allowed in the lake, outside the swimming berm. There is a boat launch area east of the Beach House, past the swimming berm (see map above). Do not launch your boat at other locations around the lake. It destroys the banks and may be unsafe. Only inflatable boats are allowed inside the swimming berm.  

FISHING is allowed in the lake if you have a Georgia fishing license. Catch and release is encouraged. Please do not leave fishing cord and hooks lying around – they can injure children and animals.

PICNIC TABLES are available around the park on a first come, first served basis. Please ensure that you have cleaned up all your trash before leaving. 

GRILLS may not be brought into the park due to the hazards of hot coals.

SMOKING - There is NO SMOKING anywhere in the park or beach area.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE consumption and public drunkenness are not allowed at the park or beach. Violators are subject to arrest and prosecution. Alcoholic beverages are only allowed during special and permitted events.

MAINTENANCE - Our Public Works Department maintains the Lake and all park areas in Pine Lake. If you see something that you believe needs maintenance send a Suggested Maintenance Form for consideration. Please remember that there may be a good reason for what you are seeing and that Public Works always has a long list of maintenance items pending, so you may not see your suggestion implemented immediately or at all.

RENTALS - The City’s public buildings (Beach House, Clubhouse and Gazebo) are used for community events and are also available for rental. Residents can rent at reduced rates. Go to Facility Rental page or email for rules for use, current rental fees and availability.