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What's New

Congratulations to the Website Team (Jean Bordeaux, Calvin Burgamy and Augusta Woods), who have been working on this brand-new version of the Pine Lake Website for the past year and a half.  Many features have been added and all the information has been updated.  In addition to the website committee, thanks to all the residents and staff who have provided information and ideas for the Website, and a special thank you to Wanda Cooley who provided us with our fabulous new City motto:  Pine Lake, Arts' Natural Habitat

We are all very grateful to those who created and maintained our current website, which has provided valuable information to the residents of Pine Lake for over 13 years. A very special shout out to Greg Creech, who has nearly single-handedly maintained the website for most of that time. Great job Greg! 

The new website will be hosted and maintained by our IT Support Provider, Sophicity. They are the experts in our web platform and developed the website based on the design decisions of the Website Committee. They will either assist our staff in making changes or they will make the changes for us depending on the complexity and/or immediacy of the request. This should result in a much more robust and up-to-date website for the City.

Here are a few of the new features that you will see:

  • Introduction of the new Pine Lake Motto and Logo
  • History Page
  • Demographics Page
  • Departmental Pages for Admin, Court, and Public Works
  • New on-line Forms
  • Ability to pay on-line for permits, rentals and services.
  • Artist Directory
  • Remembered Neighbors Page