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Artist Directory

The purpose of the Artist Directory is to further connect Pine Lake Artists to each other, fostering collaboration, and allowing those outside of Pine Lake to get to know us better.

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Literary Arts

Sara Amis

Sara is a fiction, nonfiction, and poetry writer whose work has been adapted for NPR, and has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including "Stone, River, Sky: An Anthology of Georgia Poems."

Performing Arts

Eva Bird (aka Eva Sotus) / Garden of Eva

A singer and songwriter whose musical influences include rock/pop, jazz and "the blues," Eva is also the manager and creative force behind Pine Lake's live music venue, The Pine Lake Lounge.

Performing Arts

Kathie deNobriga 

The former mayor of Pine Lake, Kathie is a director and actor who works with both experienced professionals and amateurs. She has directed and performed everything from Shakespheare to original plays in North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

Performing Arts

Brien Engel / Glass Harp Music

Brien is one of few professional virtuosos of the Glass Harp, an instrument of drinking glasses, each chosen for musical pitch.

Performing Arts

Gayanne Geurin 

Gayanne is a versatile singer, a music director, and vocal coach. She is founding director of the Pine Lake Community Choir, which debuted in 2017. 

Performing Arts

Jeannie Johnson

A singer/songwriter who founded the local band, "Crush," in the 90s, then the "Jeannie Johnson Band," Jeannie recorded her third CD in Pine Lake Sound and Fury Studios (DeDe Vogt on bass/guitar/engineer). She plays country and rock/pop and has opened for Arlo Guthrie, among others.

Performing Arts

Mick Kinney 

A credited composer/arranger/accompanist and music educator, Mick is also a versatile singer and multi-instrumentalist who performs live and in studio on violin, guitar, piano, accordion and other instruments.

Performing Arts

Maria Vaughan 

Professional costumer, master cutter/fitter/patternmaker for film, television and theater.

Performing Arts

Glenn Anthony / Glenn Anthony Music 

Glenn is a songwriter, composer, performer and music educator. In addition to solo and ensemble performances at schools, corporate events and festivals, he leads music relaxation workshops and World Music and Science of Sound presentations.

Performing Arts

Elise Witt

Elise's concerts of Global, Local & Homemade SongsTM and her Impromptu Glorious ChorusTM workshops create and connect singing communities around the globe. She currently serves as artist-in-residence at the Global Village Project, a school for teenage refugee girls.

Visual Arts

Cindy Brown / C. Brown Photo

Cindy leads photography spirituality workshops; she specializes in black and white documentary photography, portraits and personal branding photography, wedding photojournalism, and corporate event photography.

Visual Arts

Calvin Burgamy / Video/Photography

Calvin's specialties are documentary and experimental photography and video.

Visual Arts

Whitney Edenfield / Mirabilia

Whitney creates metalsmithed brass and copper jewelry featuring semi-precious stones, bones, shells, and vintage charms as well as bone curios and fabric wall hangings.

Visual Arts

Leslee Hare / Lotus Dance Press, LLC

Illustration and creative nonfiction predominate Leslee's free time. In her day job she draws and writes about buildings (interiors and exteriors) becoming "real."  Other media are mostly memories.

Visual Arts

Tina Kite / Tina Kite Millinery Company

A trained milliner who blends modern and traditional millinery techniques to create one-of-a-kind hats,Tina uses a mix of traditional millinery craftsmanship and contemporary style to bring a modern twist to headwear and hat wearing.

Visual Arts

Corrie Ladd / bones&blooms

A jeweler who works in bronze and sterling silver PMC; Corrie also makes linoleum block printed textiles and often experiments with other mediums.

Visual Arts

Susan Lightcap / Vessels of the Spirit

Susan makes one-of-a-kind figures and dolls based on traditional doll forms; materials may include recycled textiles, handmade embellishments, recycled tins and boxes, air dry and polymer clays, found objects, and natural materials.

Visual Arts

Lalah Manly / Extraversions Jewelry

A fifth-generation jewelry designer who uses wire and colorful semi-precious stones to make jewelry via chain making and wire wrapping techniques; explores sacred geometry, flowing line, and rich color in relation to one another on earrings, pendants, bangles and necklaces.

Visual Arts

Angela Melendez / Angie's Magickal Craft Shoppe

Angela creates one-of-a-kind decorative items including garden decor, rune casting sets, altar accessories, as well as jewelry, often incorporating found natural materials.

Visual Arts

Ilse Padilla

Ilse is a painter who works with acrylics, pen and ink, and mixed media to create abstract and playful original art and art prints.

Visual Arts

Danielle S. Ross / Danielle S. Ross Photography

Danielle is a photographer who creates often irreverent, personal, gender-bending portraits, writing and video.

Visual Arts

Karen Styes / Homegrown Gallery

Karen is a photographer and painter who works in oil and acrylics on canvas, glass, and with mixed media.

Visual Arts

Butch Terry / Hemlock Manor Arts

Butch Terry's work includes fine art pen and ink graphics, pyrography, and wood sculpture combined with pyrography.

Visual Arts

Leah Tioxon / Sacred Self Sessions

Leah blends her background in photography and sacred ritual work to create reverent, intimate documentary photographs of rituals to claim and honor abandoned or rejected aspects of the self. 

Visual Arts

Ayn Olivia Vaughan / Artistically Organized Vision

Web designer and creative organizer who specializes in creating space in the life of an artist by organizing physical space, technology, and online presence.

Visual Arts

Jean Vigodsky

Jean creates whimsical 2D and 3D pieces from wood, paint, beads, glue and random materials, and handbuilt ceramics from a variety of clay bodies, including porcelain, Georgia clay and other stoneware products.

Visual Arts

Barbara Hayes Whitlow / Barbara Whitlow Designs

Barbara is a painter and art educator whose favored mediums are watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media. She has worked in the impressionist style for most of her life, recently adding abstract.

Visual Arts

Carol Wilson / Carolwood

Carol is a wood worker who creates one-of-a-kind carved, sculpted, burned, painted, stained, complete wood hangings and sculptures.

Visual Arts

Robert Witherspoon

Robert is a sculptor specializing in sculptural projects made out of metal and mixed media.