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Public Art

What is Public Art? Pine Lake's Municipal Arts Panel (MAP) defines public art as original visual art including, but not limited to, paintings, sculptures, murals, photographic renderings, mosaics, and electronic art installations installed on a temporary or permanent basis in spaces that are visible from public streets and pedestrian walkways. Public Art may also include ephemeral arts such as dance, voice, music or poetry, performed in public.

Why Public Art? The goal of Public Art in Pine Lake is to encourage participation and collaboration by citizens in the process of publicly displaying art and to foster quality design and the creation of an array of artwork in all media, materials, styles and disciplines. The display of Public Art is an important way to reflect the diversity of culture, heritage and expressions of Pine Lake and Georgia and to build a diverse collection of public artworks by selecting a variety of artists to display public art projects. It also serves to encourage the role of artwork in enhancing economic development and cultural tourism and to foster the development of future artists and the art spaces.

General Comments & Questions

If you have comments, suggestions, questions about Public Art in Pine Lake, or ideas for an installation, please email and the Curator will contact you to discuss.

Public Art Policy FAQs

Who may apply to exhibit artwork?
How many exhibits will be produced each year?
Who chooses what gets to be on display?
What are the criteria for choosing art?
How do I apply to be an exhibitor?

Where are the public art exhibits displayed?  Pine Lake's public art exhibits can be seen on the Art Wall in front of the Public Works building on Clubhouse Drive near the intersection of Forrest Road, as well as various permanent and temporary locations around the city.  You can take a look at some of our current and past Public Art projects here:

Public Works at Public Works