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Seniors and Law Enforcement Together - S.A.L.T.

The Pine Lake S.A.L.T. Council:

Provides periodic newsletters alerting and informing our senior residents (who may not have access to the internet) of the various incidents, events and Crime Alerts that occur in the City as well as other information specific to seniors.

Conducts monthly meetings with guest speakers on topics of interest to our senior population. Third Wednesday of the month 10:00 – 11:00 in the Beach House.

Sponsors events organized by the members.

Programs Available to Pine Lake Seniors

Guiding Light:

Beacon Lights (flashing lights) given to use in case of emergency to make your home easy to distinguish.

Cell Watch:

Cell phones given to seniors, so they can use the 911 feature. These phones are donated.

File for Life:

Three-part information card for Medical responders. (Contact information and Medication)


Formed on March 13, 2003, when Pine Lake Police Department signed the TRIAD Cooperation Agreement initiating our relationship with the DeKalb S.A.L.T. Council.

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