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Solid Waste Management


PLEASE NOTE: The city's contract with Republic Services expires in November, 2018 and we are currently negotiating with a different supplier in order to bring Pine Lake residents the very best trash and recycling services available.  Stay tuned to this page for updates.


Trash and recycling for the City is handled by a third-party vendor, currently Republic Services (see Trash Collection page). However, leaves and other organic matter are not separated out by our vendor for mulching. If you bag leaves, whether in paper or plastic, they will be collected with trash and go to the landfill. Therefore, mulching leaves on your property is highly encouraged, with the understanding that because of the number of trees, 100% mulching may not be practical.

Pine Lake is a particularly fragile ecosystem. All of our residences are uphill from the lake, which means that whatever washes off of your property will eventually end up in the Lake or in the storm water system. Of course, we want to limit any inorganic pollutants from washing down, but leaves and other organic matter are also a problem as they build up sludge and foul the lake as well as clogging the storm water system. We all need to do what we can to keep our leaves to ourselves.

The Public Works department vacuums up the leaves in the street. This is accomplished with a very well used machine that probably saw its prime several decades ago.  Please do not rake leaves from your yard into the street unless you bag them immediately. The Public Works team has done a great job of keeping the vacuum truck working, but it will not last forever.