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With: Annexation

  • The 2018 Legislative session finds us once again facing a bid from Greenhaven to create a city that landlocks Pine Lake. We are actively working to educate laegilators on the problems that would arise with the creation of a city the size of Greenhaven and particularly the issues that would face Pine Lake. We have also sent the Greenhaven committee our annexation plans and asked that they exclude those areas from their proposed city.
  • Starting in Q1 of 2018 we will begin an Annexation Study for the 1st phase mapped out in the plan, with the intention of getting legislative support to present a bill to the 2019 Georgia Legislative Session.
  • In April 2017 after conducting two Town Hall meetings to discuss the pros and cons of annexation, a Work Group was formed of residents and Council members to make a recommendation to Council on how to proceed. The Work group presented a three phase plan to Council at the August 14th meeting and at the August 29th meeting the Annexation Plan and Map was approved unanimously.
  • In 2016 Council member Bordeaux and resident Shirly Kinsey met with representatives of The Carl Vinson Institute at the University of Georgia to discuss annexation and how Pine Lake might proceed to study this issue.  The information required for calculating potential tax revenues was obtained from Dekalb County and a preliminary study was begun.